Today and you can download IT Project Server 2016 Preview . In Microsoft they have worked very hard over the past three years to offer the best innovations Project Online and incorporate customer feedback Project Server 2016. This new application will teach us a bit what is to come.

Improved resource management

As we indicated from Office , and based on the experience of comments, it has facilitated coordination and commitment among project managers and resource managers. Thanks to the commitment of resources allows to work optimally with the amount of work associated with a project.

IT installation and infrastructure improvements

Working with Project Online , they have improved infrastructure and these changes have been included in IT Project Server 2016 Preview. These changes include having eliminated the Project database with all the migrated data to the database content . All performance and scaling improvements that have been implemented in Project Online are available in this version. Besides the installation of Project Server is integrated with SharePoint 2016 , and there is a separate installer.

You can now download it from the following link by the Microsoft Download Center. In addition we can share our experience with the development team through the forum of IT SharePoint Server 2016 Preview. Our help will make this the best product.

Brenden Layne