Should we virtualize? Cloud hosting vs traditional hosting

cloud-computing-626252_640Currently, most companies see many advantages in virtualization. But not everyone can get you the most, and in some cases, is not the right solution. Or at least, not yet. Virtualization applications and evolve together, but still a long and exciting road left. Hence, the popularity of cloud computing should not in any way overshadow the real needs of a company.

The cloud hosting allows you to pay only for the resources used, and for this it is necessary to take continuous management thereof and to control so efficiently, spending. Virtualization is still implemented on the physical resources of a server intelligently configured to maximize performance, dynamic provisioning times and use virtual machines only for a few hours. The most illustrative example is a website that at peak times increases its views on a number much higher than usual such as Christmas, summer, one night … and you need twice the front to support all requests. Manage virtualized resources can lift machines much faster and for a particular use. So far, so good.


Thanks to a robust, configuring virtual machines cloud hosting can be adjusted fully to the needs of the client, but at all? If a customer has developed software that makes intensive use of CPU, as might be research applications requiring a lot of that resource, does not it make more sense to use a physical server, hosting traditional, for what was used before it came virtualization? Probably yes. Ie not set a hypervisor and use all the resources of that device for a particular application. Does this mean loss of scalability? Not necessarily: if management policies capacity are designed with the hosting provider, you can grow in a sustainable manner even with a physical server traditional hosting. The important thing is not to fall into the trap of wanting to virtualize the invirtualizable and pay the consequences malfunctions when in fact, every part of the solution needs something different.

The key is in mixed solutions with a part and a non-virtualized, cloud hosting and traditional hosting. There are ideal for virtualized services such as web front or development environments and integration, and there are also services that are more likely to require all the resources of a dedicated server, such as databases or remote access platforms. This does not mean you can not virtualized all or a dedicated server is the solution when standards are exceeded resources, it is necessary to know what each option today that best fits your application of business.

Talk to an IT service provider in your area to find out more about how virtualization can improve your business.

In-house VS Outsourced IT Support

technology-785742_640The problems related to infrastructure are present every day: when a printer is not broken, a hard disk failure. One of the alternatives for dealing with this problem is to hire a specialized service that deals with the subject company and that allows you to concentrate on your business.

At this stage of the game, you already know plenty this succession of Murphy’s Law: all computers that are part of their IT infrastructure will break at some point; that time will, of course, the moment they are most needed, for example, when reviewing the warranty, you will notice that expired 24 hours before the break.

That’s when you consider that, more than anything in the world, his priority is to get someone to immediately solve your computer problem. If you decide to call a technical support for companies , you will notice that is never available when you need it and if you say you can go visit, consider this visit as an “emergency” and will charge a small fortune and painful.

On the other hand, it is fair to clarify that if you had chosen to pay a salary to a person’s profile “tecki” for safekeeping their teams, it will never happen to them all, and then feel that you have a resource that costs money and does not give any positive results.

Every company has, since its genesis, somehow solve their computing needs. Either through someone within the firm ideal that probably has other functions, one neighboring house computer or any independent professional, to name a few possibilities. The problem occurs when a time of crisis (whether of growth, a serious contingency or for the removal of the one who knows the subject inside the company) the company understands that all your business depends on technology, and that their support structure is fragile, unplanned, with little possibility of continuity, with inadequate response times and is served in an unprofessional manner.

Here arises, then, an alternative that many small and medium businesses are increasingly considering: the outsourcing of service. What does it consist of? In hiring a company specializing in the subject, and pay either a monthly fee or a fee on duty to guarantee the availability of the specialist when conflict breaks out.

The companies generally think of a service in its times of crisis, although there are exceptions: some people do not expect to lose all of your information in the file server to discover that they have a truly efficient backup policy or antivirus for instance.

In-house versus outsourced service

Doubt appears, however, in the head of every business owner at some point, “you should opt for outsourcing or try to fix from now on to someone working internally in the company?”.

Why an SME support should outsource ?. A restaurant not plant lettuce salads or used in breeding cows which makes the steaks, because you have suppliers who can do that better and let you concentrate on your focus. Following the same reasoning, a business that has an internal person engaged in the service takes resources that can be used to improve business.

SMEs should devote their efforts to their own business, and good for them to have a reliable external organization and technologically updated to resolve their technical problems.

Many SMEs are going in that direction, using a trained team in the field that can provide the best resources to minimize the usual everyday problems that arise in the technological environment of the company. ”

Trusted support

To play a role as dedicated as the outsourcing of technical services for SMEs , it is necessary that the supplier is “trust”. The question then is how it is done to create this delicate value.

Generating confidence in the client is given after much time and work long term.

While it is a complex process, when set, it gives good results for the provider at the time of entering the market. Word of mouth is a good way to get a new customer, the “ideal prospect” as “the company that is about to change technical service for the fifth time in a year and listening to another company talking rather a technical service provider of maintenance pc .

For the confidence of small and medium enterprises there are several important aspects: first, to have a spotless ethical behavior and demonstrate competence and professionalism in what is done. And, of course, preserve the most important asset of SMEs, which is their information. Once the contract is already in place, the key is to establish a personal relationship with customers, which helps achieve full confidence.

Choosing the right service

Beyond trust, we must be very careful not to fail when selecting a service provider. In principle, it is necessary to pay attention to certain key facts: age of the company in the market, customer references, how to establish contracts and expertise. This last item is very important because many computer owners use the service as a decoy to boost sales, but they have more experience in the subject.

Service contract

A professional outsourcing require the signature of a contract to begin operations.

Here is another item that you should pay a lot of attention appears not to suffer setbacks in the future or be “attached” to an inefficient provider.

To avoid misunderstandings and major inconveniences, the contract should be described in concrete terms what services are provided and what is the scope of each.

This means that the role that both parties sign must be clear evidence of what is included in the service and what not. It is very common in this market, particularly among the least professional providers that charge “extras” for practically anything. Therefore, the contract is a critical tool that can not be signed lightly.

It is a contract to provide services. I will deal mainly the amount of regular visits, unlimited or not access to our Help Desk and / or unlimited access to the emergency room on site. There are several important aspects of the contract, such as the confidentiality agreement, the service-level agreement or replacement of staff assigned in case of absence.

Outsourcing services are becoming a more strong in the universe of small and medium enterprises trend. In general, SMEs perform the same business cycles than large companies, but with a time lag.

Today, when corporations question whether outsourcing is the best model for your business, for SMEs wave he came in that it is a very important tool for operation.

Not the same results are obtained with an internal person with outsourcing, because it does not always have all the necessary skills for the position, and because, if it does not require much of it ends up being a very expensive resource for the company.

Immediate solution, availability of infrastructure, costs controlled … outsourcing of service is, today, a good move for SMEs whose computer systems are becoming increasingly important in business. If a company depends on its computers to check or to make collections, is expected to be a fool not good coverage level to prevent, to a problem, that team is out of operation for too long.

Activities that can be outsourced

Some of the activities that can be outsourced:

  • Installation, configuration and start-brand PCs and servers.
  • User support.
  • Periodic preventive maintenance visits.
  • Repair PCs, servers, printers and any element of computer equipment.
  • Antivirus services.
  • Backup services information.
  • Human resources
  • Software Support (problems that appear in Outlook, Office, etc.).
  • Application Support (control of key programs that make the business).

Basic keys to outsource the service:

For thus it provided in a timely manner of qualified personnel to solve problems that may arise.
Because this way, all the resources of SMEs are forced into related business running tasks, not tasks that are not part of its core business.

Because it is a solution with more controlled costs and provided that if you decide to pay in a timely manner by individual technical services every time something breaks.

For so the equipment availability is guaranteed (if a machine breaks down and does not have a service outsourcing, the company may lose a lot of money while “waiting” that someone can fix it, especially if that team is important to run the business).

Microsoft downplays new Windows vulnerability

biometrics-154660_640 (1)Cylance security firm says it has found a vulnerability in Windows that would allow hackers to steal the names and codes of safety of users of the operating system. But Microsoft has downplayed the report.

Any desktop, tablet or server running the Windows operating system 8.1 or earlier – and even devices that are running Windows 10 – is susceptible to the vulnerability Cylance revealed Monday. The company, called the attack “Redirect to SMB,” says the vulnerability is related to a similar bug that was first discovered in Windows in 1997. The ruling, discovered by researcher Aaron Spangler, Windows automatically provided the username and security code to what I thought was a server. Cylance claims that Microsoft never noticed this flaw.

SMB (server message block, which translates as the server message block) is located in the center of this failure. SMB is a protocol for sharing files over a network. In Windows, SMB is often used to share files through a company network.
According to Cylance an attack “Redirect to SMB” requires that the victim enter the word “file: //” followed by the address or click on a malicious link. Because of this failure, Windows assumes that the link is an attempt by the user to access a file on a server, and thus automatically provides user credentials.

Once hackers get the credentials, you will see that the security codes are encrypted. However, Cylance states that a person who has a first-class GPU “can decipher any code of 8 characters consisting of letters (uppercase and lowercase) and numbers in less than half a day.”

There is debate, however, about the seriousness of this failure. It has known of this problem for years, and Microsoft offered guidance on how to protect against this ruling in 2009.

On Monday, Microsoft downplayed the “discovery” of Cylance to note that it is not new and that the odds of being victims of this attack are minimal.

“We disagree with the assertions of Cylance that there is a new kind of attack. Cybercriminals are still involved in a series of vicious tactics,” said a Microsoft spokesman. “However, you have to gather several factors for this type of attack is concretized, for example, that a user enters information into a fake website. We encourage people to not open links that come in emails from senders They do not know and do not visit Web sites that are not safe. ”

Cylance reported that it has found 31 programs that are susceptible to failure, including Internet Explorer and Excel 2010. The company also found that Adobe Reader, Apple QuickTime and Symantec Norton Security Scan can also be victims of the attack. Carnegie Mellon University, who also described the vulnerability after discovering in turn, noted that most of the applications that target Internet to check for software updates, for example, are vulnerable to failure.

Now available Project Server 2016 for IT preview

Today and you can download IT Project Server 2016 Preview . In Microsoft they have worked very hard over the past three years to offer the best innovations Project Online and incorporate customer feedback Project Server 2016. This new application will teach us a bit what is to come.

Improved resource management

As we indicated from Office , and based on the experience of comments, it has facilitated coordination and commitment among project managers and resource managers. Thanks to the commitment of resources allows to work optimally with the amount of work associated with a project.

IT installation and infrastructure improvements

Working with Project Online , they have improved infrastructure and these changes have been included in IT Project Server 2016 Preview. These changes include having eliminated the Project database with all the migrated data to the database content . All performance and scaling improvements that have been implemented in Project Online are available in this version. Besides the installation of Project Server is integrated with SharePoint 2016 , and there is a separate installer.

You can now download it from the following link by the Microsoft Download Center. In addition we can share our experience with the development team through the forum of IT SharePoint Server 2016 Preview. Our help will make this the best product.